5th Grade

In preparation for continued learning and social distancing, your student was sent home with a packet of work, workbooks, chrome books, and login information for the sites listed below. These sites can be accessed with the chrome books sent home, home computers, tablets, phones, and some video gaming systems as well as smart televisions. 

Please check this site frequently as we will be updating these links and resources as teachers develop their individual distant learning lesson plans. Feel free to email your student’s teacher with any questions you may have.


Music Google Classroom Code: 2qfzoeo
Coach Higgins PE class code on Google Classroom: Yj2v23j

Art: We recently completed radial symmetry relief sculptures using origami folds.  Here are two activities that you can choose from to extend your understanding of radial symmetry (patterns that radiate outward from a center point, like a snowflake or a mandala).

1.    Do you know what a land artist is? Look at these wonderful artworks by artist James Brunt who uses objects from nature to create beautiful radial designs.

Now it’s your turn to go outdoors and create an artwork from nature!

2.    Here is a fun video demonstrating how to create a radial design or mandala artwork.  Markers work great for this but you can also use color pencils or crayons if you don’t have markers at home!  Have fun creating!


Hint: you can also trace your pattern by folding your paper and then putting it against a window so you can see the pattern through the light. 

Recently many of you completed Pop Art worksheets after your radial symmetry paper relief sculpture was completed. Many pop artists used onomatopoeia words to create their artworks. Around Valentine’s Day we were introduced to a street artist who got his start using dripping hearts for his paintings and murals. (Review: James Goldcrown) Many street artists also use words in their graffiti artworks. Today we are going to think of words that are positive and kind to create a street art style word art.

Please click on this link to learn how to transform a word into a graffiti style artwork.

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